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Honey from wild flower with Chili Peppers by Antichi Sapori Umbri




With dense forest, wild vegetation and medieval towns and vineyards dotting the landscape, Umbria is world renowned for its charm and its honey production. Wildflowers that surround the picturesque forests and the variety of foliage that’s planted within the local vineyards create some of the most delicate and flavorful honey imaginable.


Local beekeepers provide the wildflower honey that is then combined with Calabrian chilis peppers to create a sweet, lightly floral and spicy honey that will surprise your senses and your pallet. The fiery and fruity taste delivers the perfect amount of heat to your cheese platters, sandwiches, panini, cured and roasted meats. An extraordinary gift for yourself or for the honey enthusiast in your life. Non-GMO, gluten, dairy and nut free. A genuine ‘Product of Italy.’ Hand selected and approved by Mario Rizzotti.

Wildflower and Chili Pepper Honey

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