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Apricot and Orange Marmalade by Antichi Sapori Umbri




The warm Mediterranean climate and the rich volcanic soil in southern Italy makes for ideal grown conditions for many fruits and vegetables. While tomatoes and lemons are most commonly thought of, Italy is also renowned for its production of rich, complex-tasting stone fruits like apricots and bright, clean-tasting citrus fruits like oranges.

Upon tasting this jam, Mario was instantly brought back to his youth when his Mamma NIves could be found in family kitchen making the vibrant and sweet, Apricot and Orange Marmellata. A beautiful and bright mixture of apricots and oranges, this jam plays wonderfully on top of toast, spread over creamy soft goat cheese or even as the jewel of your cheesecake or desserts. Its simplicity is what makes it so memorable, reminding us that pure flavors have the ability to transcend. Non-GMO, gluten, and dairy free. A genuine ‘Product of Italy.’ Hand selected and approved by Mario Rizzotti.

Apricot and orange Jam

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