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The Crimson G10 16 Piece Block Set with beautiful bamboo Block by Ergo Chef, has all the knives you need for meal prep. Prepare your meals with ease using the precision knives designed by Chefs for better performance and comfort in your hand. No more struggling with fruits, vegetables, meat or bread. The precision razor sharp edges and comfort handle is perfectly balanced and puts you in control for enjoyable food prep and serving.

This block set includes the following items:

  • 8″ Chef knife
  • 7″ Santoku knife
  • 7.5″ Flexible Fillet knife
  • 8″ Offset Bread knife
  • 8″ Carving knife
  • 6″ Utility knife
  • 3.5″ Paring knife
  • 6 - 4.6" steak knives


To keep your knife edges performing, we include a 8″ Honing rod which can be used once a week depending how much you cook. The honing rod keeps your knife edges in alignment until it’s time to sharpen the blades, which should be done every 1 to 2 years for the knives used on a regular basis. We also include a heavy duty spring loaded kitchen/poultry shear for quickly breaking down whole chickens. All the knives and pieces fit into the beautiful Bamboo block for safe storage. This famous set was cast on the TV show Modern Family for it’s counter beauty along side a great cast.

16pc Crimson Block Set & Knives

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